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Puma ID & Field Guides

Puma Field Guide Puma Field Guide
Download: Puma ID Guide Download: Puma Field Guide
In our on-going efforts to assist wildlife agencies, field researchers, and the general public, The Cougar Network has published an abbreviated Puma ID Guide and a full-length Puma Field Guide authored by leading wildlife biologists Harley Shaw, Paul Beier, Melanie Culver, and Melissa Grigione. The guides cover the Biological Considerations, General Life History, Identification, Assessment, and Management of Puma concolor.

These documents are meant for public information and use. The guides are not to be construed as a statement of policy; the documents are provided only as a tool - they are guides. The manuscripts are "organic" in nature; revisions, updates, and corrections will be made as needed.

Note: To download the guides free of charge, right-click the links above and select "Save As" from the menu. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files.

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